Art of writing a perfect resume has been developing just as fast as technology for over 500 years now. Job seekers today use various creative ways to grab the attention of the recruiter. It is assumed that Leonardo de Vinci was the first person to ever submit a handwritten resume in 1482 to the Duke of Milan claiming that he could make fine sculptures and paintings in times of peace. However, the term (Resume) came into being during 1500 by the lord of England, it is said to have been derived from the French word (summary). Resumes gained popularity from late 1500, they were now being published in newspapers and local publications.

The 1930s onwards, various trends of writing resume gained momentum. Various trends, be it citing weight, height, marital status, religion. Bill gates’ first-ever resume available online includes some of these. From including hobbies and extra-curricular activities to VHS videotaped resumes (current eras YouTube) quickly went off-trend in the 1900s only to come back now.

Just like two sides of the same coin, a resume aids both employer and the applicant. Where on one side a resume represents you, tells your story about who you are and what have you done, helps you introspect and discover yourself, on the other side it explains to the employer how impactful you can be for their business. The basic purpose of a resume is to embody you where you cannot be physically present, it does not guarantee you a job but helps you to get selected for an interview. It is the first communication with the company you want to be a part of. Let’s say a multinational company ABC wants to hire a marketing manager who has enough experience in the same field. How do you expect them to reach you? They cannot meet hundreds of people and interview them, including unsuitable candidates, it’s a time consuming and tiring process. This is where a resume is required. In just one glance the recruiter can decide whether the applicant should be called for an interview or not.

In short, your resume is the first contact with your dream job, which is why it is important to make it clean and direct and not in more than 2 pages (1 if you have less experience).    The more pertinent your resume is, the easier it is for the recruiter to examine it. Using graphs and pie charts is a new trend, these charts can speak everything about your life. It could be about the results you achieved in your past projects, the number of years you have worked in different fields or could be about how you generally spend your day. Charts make your resume tidy, direct and short. Make sure to use a single professional font type (Calibri) and the same font size (11) throughout if you choose to bullet down your points instead of using graphs. Use bullet points and columns instead of long paragraphs. No grammatical errors and typos will be accepted as it would imply that you are not focused enough. You can use apps like Grammarly for free online grammar check. Also, ask your friends to review it before submitting it. Reading it out will also help to catch mistakes. Simple grammatical or spelling mistakes are enough to be screened out.

Resume tagline is a must-have, it covers your experiences and degrees. Add the position you are applying for as well.Stated at the top of your resume,these headlines catch employer’s attention in a glance. In one look recruiters can decide if you are worthy of the vacancy or not. For example: (Multilingual Translator and Mass Communication student), (IT Professional with 7 Years of Experience).

In the current phase of resumes the recruiter expects you to send a cover letter along with the resume, it makes it easy for them to know if you possess skills according to the post offered. A cover letter is written in a letter format including salutations (put in some efforts to get to know the name of the recruiter or just address it to the name mentioned under job description), 3-4 paragraphs of stating any mutual reference you have with the company or the recruiter personally and where have you used the skills required for the job, basically how are you eligible for it. And lastly a closing. Try not using (I) more than 4 times, humbly boast your accomplishments. Reverse-chronological format and hybrid format are mostly used for writing a resume whereas the functional format is for CV’s. Along with your introduction on the top, also cite if you can relocate to a different state.

Let them know where did you see their job vacancy. It could be a job portal or the company website itself. Answering the job description through your resume is the best way to write one. Include and highlight the key skills mentioned in the job description. If you possess the required skills of course. Instead of showcasing your artistic skills, be witty with the way you send across your message. Give them an answer about who are you, what have you done, what post are you applying for, why are you applying in their company and how will you prove to be an asset including the results you have achieved previously in different fields or any volunteering project. Numbers speak louder. Showcase your accomplishments in numerical form such as sales figures, an increase in profit percentage, it could also be the number of people managed, etc. (25% increase in annual sales) (Elevated average customer rating 3.5 to 4.0 by including a customer service program.) (Average increase of 15 marks in a class of 20) (15 corporate projects delivered in 2 years) or (Edited 40 books in 1 year). Be it a trait of an internship or a part-time job you did, any certified project you took part in during your educational years. If you have a tangible outcome of the project for which you utilized a parallel set of skills, make sure your resume mentions about it. It could be a certificate received, a website you created or hyperlink to your blogs. This will help you pass that preliminary scan.

If you really want your resume to make some noise in this brutal selection process, make sure you adhere to the above-mentioned information. Also, throw in your ideas in the comment section if we have missed out on something.

Remember your resume states your value in a concise way in a market full of opportunities.

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