An Idea That Bloomed Into an Initiative

TRC, the brain child of an IIMC passout, Heena M. Bhatia is a top notch recruitment service agency headquartered in New Delhi, India. It is a first of its kind HR recruitment enterprise in India that believes in attracting, engaging and retaining a distinctive breed of talent to carve out a niche talent pool.

With key insights and in-depth understanding on the subject matter, Heena strikes the right connection with the right people at the right time that hits the right opportunities. Being a team of professional recruiters, they offer the highest quality, end-to-end support in the domain of recruitment and selection to help you find the best talent across the globe. They understand the daunting challenges associated with versatile talent acquisition; hence deliver a state-of-the-art recruitment solution, which is 360-degree flexible and tailor-made to suit your every need, every purpose.

Connect the Dots: Blend a Business Opportunity with Talent Need

Today, talent is the bedrock for business success. The right talent acquisition strategy significantly impacts competitive advantage of business and individual, alike. Team Recruit Consultancies offer top notch professional services to help a company determine a potent talent acquisition strategy, strengthen organization foundation and solve key business issues within organizational framework. We focus on giving right opportunities to the job-seekers as well to help them grow professionally. We tend to create a formidable platform for people and organization, both to utilize their full potential.

Solve Intense Talent Challenges with TRC

For smoother optimization of entire recruiting process, look no further – Team Recruit Consultancies is here to make data-driven hiring decisions as easy as falling off a log.

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